Fiqhul Iqtisadil Islami


Hidaya is a famous and timeless book of Islamic jurisprudence compiled by Allama Burhan Uddin Al-Marginani Rah. An important chapter of this book, Kitabul Buyu or the chapter on trade, which is taught very seriously in madrasas. Basically, the author of the book has highlighted the practical aspects of Islamic economics of his time. The current state of the economy, monetary policy, market system, financial transactions have changed a lot. So it should be understood with current application to solve the problems of this age. To address this concern, IFA Consultancy Ltd. has organized “Fiqh Al Iqtisadi Islamic Course” based on Kitabul Buyu of Hidaya. 

Course at a glance: 

  • Course Duration: Two months
  • Number of classes: 8
  • Class duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Class time: 8:00 – 09:40 AM

Who is this course for?

  • Students of Jalalain, Mishkat, Dawra and Ifta department

What you will learn:

  • The basic concept of Islamic economics and fiqh al muamalat
  • Contract Law: Introduction and Features
  • Ijab-Kabul: Introduction and provisions
  • Different types of conditions and provisions in the contract
  • Sale-sale contact type and provision
  • Current Consumer Law vs. Islamic Consumer Law
  • Interest’ in the conventional economy: introduction and significance
  • Riba: Introduction, scope and practical aspects
  • Bai Salam, Saraf, Istisna and Murabaha: Introduction Significance and practical method etc.

Features of this course:

  • Providing the primary and basic concepts of Islamic finance
  • Presenting the subject matter of Kitabul Buyu from the the book “Hidaya” in a simplified manner
  • Presenting the concepts in the terminologies of modern finance and business
  • Relating the existing market and monetary system with theoretical discussion
  • Providing lecture sheets on every class
  • Evaluation based on MCQ test after the completion of the course