IFA Consultancy

A pioneer institution in Bangladesh that provides training and consultancy on Halal & Islamic Finance, aiming Towards a Halal & Sustainable Economy.

Our team of experts includes Certified Shari’ah Advisers & Auditors from Bahrain based AAOIFI, Certified Muftis from recognised Shari’ah institutions, and other globally recognised Shari’ah scholars, Islamic Finance experts and practitioners.

Authenticity, Knowledge, Expertise

IFA Consultancy started is journey back in Nov 2016 with a simple social media group and a study circle. Today we have 450+ graduates from different professions, and 11000+ followers. IFAC is committed to deliver authentic knowledge on Islamic Finance, connecting to the core sources of Shari’ah, namely, Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma’ & Qiyas. Authenticity is the most signification element when it comes to any knowledge of Shari’ah.

IFA Consultancy is an official Training Partner of Bahrain based globally recognised Islamic Finance Standards setting body AAOIFI (Accounting & Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institution). IFAC also is a candidate registration and Exam Center for AAOIFI certification courses, namely CSAA (Certified Shariah Adviser & Auditor) and CIPA (Certified Islamic Professional Accountant).


Courses, Workshops, Corporate Training, On-demand Courses

IFA Consultancy hosts various in-house courses and training programs throughout the year. We understand the hectic culture and needs of Corporate institutions. We thus provide on-demand and on-premise customised training programs for Corporate clients. Our team is excited to move that extra mile to train your staffs and help you achieve shari’ah compliance in all the levels of your business.

Our Courses

Shari'ah Consultancy for Sukuk, Fintech, Zakat, Halal...

We provide Shari’ah consultancy to SMEs and Corporations. Our scope of consultancy includes Financial Transactions, Banking Activities, Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Contracts & Agreements, and Products. Our goal is help end-to-end shari’ah compliance. 

Our team has expertise to provide shari’ah consultancy for Sukuk issuance, Islamic Fintech or Financial Technologies and overall in the Halal domain.

Workshops & Seminars

Our Team

Mufti Abdullah Masum

Founder & Director

Mufti Abdullah Masum has 10+ years of experience in conducting Shari’ah research and training. He spent 5 years under the supervision of prominent scholars like Mufti Abdul Malek. Mufti is an AAOIFI certified Shariah Adviser & Auditor. His area of specialisation includes Fiqh Muamalat, Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market, Zakat, Fatwa, Muslim Family Law, Islamic law of inheritence and various other areas of Shair’ah. Abdullah has been invited by several banks and institutions to speak on Islamic Finance.

Mufti Yousuf Sultan

Co-Founder & Director

Mufti Yousuf Sultan has 10+ years of experience in Islamic Finance, Islamic Fintech and Shari’ah. Yousuf holds an MSc degree in Islamic Finance from INCEIF, Malaysia. He is an AAOIFI Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA), a Registered Shariah Adviser by the Securities Commission of Malaysia and an AAOIFI Master Trainer. He advises several companies in UAE, Malaysia, South Africa & Bangladesh. Yousuf has spoken in events organised by the World Bank, INCEIF, ISRA, ASAS, Redmoney IFN, CSBIB and others.

Mufti Zubair Abdullah

Senior trainer & consultant

Mufti Lukman Hasan

Senior trainer & consultant

Mufti Ariful Islam

Senior trainer & consultant

Mufti Elias Hossain

Trainer & Coordinator

Mawlana Hammad

Trainer & Coordinator

Mawlana Ahsanul Islam

Trainer & Coordinator

Mawlana Shakil

Accounts & Digital Marketing

Abu Sayed Jobayer

Trainer & Coordinator