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Shariah Consultancy

IFAC provides Islamic Shariah-based Consultancy Services to

the community whether personnel or corporates in various sectors such as:



Sovereign & Regulator


Capital Market


FinTech & Blockchain


Co-operative Society

Sole Proprietor

Wealth Management

Mutual Fund & ETF

Our Services

Our Specialties in Shariah Consultancy

We have an in-house team of more than 10 Shariah Experts and Muftis from reputed institutions, who have extensive knowledge, training and experience in both classical Shariah texts and their modern applications. ​

Our members include AAOIFI Certified Shariah Advisor & Auditor (CSAA), AAOIFI Master Trainer, AAOIFI Working Group Members, and Ethica Certified Islamic Finance Executives(CIFE)​.

We also engage Halal & Islamic Finance practitioners to promote bridging between Shariah Theories and Practice.

We provide Shariah Consultation & Pronouncements following the standards recognized internationally

We follow AAOIFI Shariah Standard as Reference in our Shariah Resolution along with other International Fiqh Forum's resolutions as well.

On top of all those We have been continually expanding our relations with renowned Islamic Finance and other institutions home and abroad.

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