Certificate Course in Islamic Banking (CCIB)

Islamic banking is a comprehensive system within Islam that provides guidance for human life. It encompasses regulations for family, society, and the nation. In the context of current economics, there is a significant role for Islamic banking, which is a practical aspect of Islamic finance. The progress of Islamic banking is evident worldwide. As per the annual report of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) for 2022, the total assets in the three main sectors of Islamic financial services institutions (banking, capital market, and Takaful) amount to nearly 3.06 trillion US dollars.

The topics you would learn from this course :
▪️ Introduction to Islamic Banking
▪️ Islamic Banking Overview
▪️ Islamic Banking: Introduction and History
▪️ Islamic Banking: Why is it needed?
▪️ Islamic Banking: Objectives and Goals
▪️ Banks and Islam
▪️ Fractional Reserve Banking and Islam
▪️ Banking Modeling
▪️ Banking Mudarabah, Musharakah
▪️ Banking Murabaha and Bai-Muajjal
▪️ IMBT, HPSM, and Financial Lease: Introduction, Application, and Regulations
▪️ Salam and Parallel Salam
▪️ Istisna and Parallel Istisna
▪️ Islamic Banking: Profit Distribution Method
▪️ Riba: Introduction, Types, Application, and Regulations
▪️ Inah/Buyback, Tawarruq: Introduction and Regulations
▪️ Islamic Banking and Riba
▪️ Debit Cards, Credit Cards
▪️ Islamic Credit Cards
▪️ Mobile and Online Banking: Shariah Regulations
▪️ Islamic Banking and Central Bank Transactions
▪️ Investment Sukuk
▪️ Islamic Banking and Export-Import: Introduction and Regulations
▪️ Shariah Governance and Audit: Introduction and Framework
▪️ Code of Ethics by AAOIFI
▪️ Islamic Banking: Criticism and Analysis

Who is this course for:
◼️ For students in Finance and Economics.
◼️ Those who are involved in Islamic banking activities regularly.
◼️ Especially for scholars and religious authorities who are working on Fiqh and Fatwa.
◼️ Those who are aspiring to work in the field of Islamic banking in the future.
◼️ For all general individuals who are interested in knowing about Islamic banking.

Course Features:

▪️ Highly educated scholars with advanced degrees in Fiqh from renowned Darul Iftas in Bangladesh.
▪️ Classes conducted by eminent personalities holding high positions in well-known organizations in Bangladesh.
▪️ Expertise in teaching Islamic finance in light of Shariah principles gained through extensive training in prestigious Darul Iftas.
▪️ Certified Shariah Advisors and Auditors (CSAA) by AAOIFI, the global Islamic economic organization based in Bahrain.

Teaching Methodology:
▪️ Each class incorporates various case studies and practical examples.
▪️ Modern presentation techniques using slides.
▪️ Question and answer sessions.
▪️ Course duration: 10 sessions.
▪️ Duration of each class: 1.30 hours (main class: 1.15 hours, 15 minutes Q&A).
▪️ Delivery mode: Online.

Get ready to explore the world of Islamic Banking Industry in Bangladesh with expert instructors and gain valuable insights into the realms of Islamic Banking. Enroll now to embark on this enlightening journey!