Certificate course on Islamic Banking


Riba or interest is strictly forbidden in islam. The most terrible punishment after shirk is mentioned in the case of Riba. As, in the conventional banking system, the Riba or interest that is forbidden in Islam is practiced, Islamic scholars planned and outlined interest-free banking in the 1950s.

What is the identity of Islamic banking? How to avoid interest in banking. What is the Islamic banking structure? What are the investment modules? These questions always come to our minds about Islamic banking.

IFA CONSULTANCY LIMITED has organized a certificate course on Islamic banking which can give comprehensive knowledge about the details on this topic for those who are interested.

The course at a glance: 

  • Course Duration: 2 and a half months 
  • Number of classes: 10
  • Class duration: One and a half hours

Who is this course for?

What you will learn:

  • Islamic Banking: Introduction and History
  • Islamic Banking: Goals, Why Need
  • Islamic banking structure
  • Introduction to Assets and Liability
  • Introduction to Fund Collection Method and Investment Module
  • Mudaraba and Musharaka: Introduction and application
  • Banking Murabaha: Introduction Application and Provisions
  • Bai Muajjal: Introduction application and provision
  • Salam and parallel salam
  • Istisna and parallel Istesna
  • IMBT, HPSM, and Financial Lease: Introduction Application and Provision
  • Riba: Introduction, Types, Applications, and Provisions
  • No / Buyback, Tawarruk: Introduction and provision
  • Debit card, credit card
  • Islamic credit card
  • Commercial Papers
  • Transactions of Islamic Bank and Central Bank
  • Investment Sukuk
  • Islamic Banking and Export-Import: Introduction and Provisions
  • Shariah Governance and Audit: Introduction and Outline
  • Code of Ethics by AAOIFI

Features of this course

  • Following the International Shariah Standards
  • Classes will be taken by experts having practitioners’ experience
  • Presenting the concepts in the terminologies of modern finance and business
  • Relating the existing market and monetary system with a theoretical discussion
  • Open question-answer session after every class.
  • Classes will be taken through presentation slides.
  • Providing lecture sheets in every class
  • Evaluation based on MCQ test after the completion of the course
  • Providing the participants’ certificate.

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