Mufti Abdullah Masum (CSAA)


Mufti Abdullah Masum is a Senior Deputy Mufti at the Department of Fiqh & Islamic Laws (Al-Takhassus fi al-Fiqh wa’al-Fatawaa) of Jami’ah Shari’yyah Malibag, Dhaka.

He is a Certified Shari’a Adviser and Auditor (CSAA) endorsed by Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) located in Bahrain.

To spread the teaching and research on Islamic Finance He founded IFA Consultancy Ltd. where he is the present Head of the Academy. Currently He is involved in academic teaching and research on Islamic finance and providing Shari’ah consultancy in numerous institutions.

He was a Member (Permanent Study Panel) at Central Shariah Board for Islamic Banks of Bangladesh.

As a Certified Shari’a Adviser and Auditor (CSAA), He is providing Shari’ah consultancy services as a Shariah Member to several companies and organizations.

Mufti Abdullah Masum was born in 1985 in Hobiganj District and grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completing Hifzul Quran, he started his study on Islamic Shari’ah. He completed Masters in Hadith (Takmil – Dawra-e-Hadith) from Jamia Shariyyah Malibag, Dhaka.

After finishing Dawra-e-Hadith he studied a higher degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic finance from “Attakhassus Fil Fiqhi Wal Ifta” (Higher Fiqh Department) in MARKAZUD DAWAH ALISLAMIA DHAKA (An Institute for Higher Research, Islamic Education And Dawah), recognized as the best institution for Islamic Fiqh and Fatawa in Bangladesh by the  Shari’ah Scholars of the country. It was a Ph. D. equivalent research-based study program with a duration of 5 years specializing in Islamic Finance.

His area of specialization includes Fiqh Muamalat, Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market, Sukuk, Zakat, Fatwa, Muslim Family Law, Islamic law of inheritance, and various other areas of Shari’ah.

He had researched Capital Market, MLM, Sukuk, and other areas of Islamic Economics and Finance. When he started his professional career he was appointed to the Department of Fiqh and Fatawa and his study had begun with a renewed pace and endeavor.

During his 9 years of teaching, he taught different areas of Islamic Finance including Capital Market, Islamic Banking, Default debt, and passageway, Takaful, Sukuk, and the like.

He taught also The Ottoman Courts Manual (Majallatu Ahkamil Adliaah).

He studied and taught almost every area of Islamic Economics and Finance from a very early age topics to very modern issues like Forex, Cryptocurrency and BitCoin etc.

Besides academic teaching, He was a course Instructor & senior Trainer in the PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) in Islamic Finance Practices at the Academy of Business Professionals (ABP).

Mufti Abdullah Masum dreams of spreading the benefits of Islamic Finance in the world more efficiently and effectively. Bearing this dream he founded one of the most renowned and fully dedicated institutions for Islamic Economics and Finance in Bangladesh, named IFA Consultancy Ltd. This is the first and so far the only institution dedicated to teaching, research ‍ , and  Shariah Consultancy  on Islamic Finance.

To spread the knowledge of Islamic finance Mufti Abdullah Masum conducted various workshops and training programs. He also has been invited as key speaker in programs of different prestigious institutions. like Sonali Bank Stuff College, Dhaka, Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank of Bangladesh) etc.

Mufti Abdullah is also involved in writing books on topics like Islamic Finance, Islamic Conjugal life, Islamic inheritance law etc. Several of his books have already been published and some are yet to come. Numerous articles of him have also been published in different magazines.

His three recent studies have earned him special honors That is-

  1. Sukuk Prospectus Analysis of the Government of Bangladesh.
  2. Banking defaulter loan and passage way.
  3. Islamic Banking Compensation Fund. (Shariʿah scrutiny of Islamic Banks’Financial Compensation Fund in Bangladesh: governance principles in the COVID-19 perspective. Link:’_Financial_Compensation_Fund_in_Bangladesh_governance_principles_in_the_COVID-19_perspective )

At the moment, he is teaching Islamic Finance in several organizations in Bangladesh. He has the plan to work in a much broader platform to establish true Islamic Finance in Bangladesh.


Mobile: +8801724096140