SBK Tech Ventures Ltd.

SBK Tech Ventures is a technology fund focusing on early stage, tech-platform companies in emerging markets.
Issuing Date: 23rd March 2023
Expiry Date: 31st December 2023

IFAC only acts as a Shariah consultant providing guidance and certification in the light of Shariah. IFAC is in no way involved in the management of the above-mentioned company. Therefore, No legal liability shall be imposed on IFAC regarding any matter that is not within the scope of Shariah Consultants.
It is the sole responsibility of the related management to implement Shariah policies & executing any recommendation. IFAC has nothing to do with the responsibilities related to the implementation of Shariah and the protection of the interests of various parties related to the above-mentioned company.
It is the responsibility of the investor to invest wisely as any investment carries a significant risk. IFAC does not in any way encourage or discourage dealings with such companies.