Stock Market In Islam (SMI)

Stock Market In Islam (SMI)

Complete Batch: 01

Course Overview

  • Bangladesh’s capital market is one of the smallest in Asia but the third largest in the south Asia region.
  • Islamic Capital Market is one where transactions for Shariah-compliant financial assets are handled.
  • According to Islam, About 39%of all stocks listed in Bangladesh are Shariah Compliant
  • In DSE there are 610  securities, but now 343 securities are in the trade. Approximately 50% of the securities are shariah based. Shariah securities market capital is approximately 216,000 crore BDT


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Course Objective

  • Aware people to invest money in the stock market in a Shariah-compliant manner
  • Securing and increasing one’s money in a Shariah-compliant way


Course Outcomes

  • You will get an overview of the Shariah Perspective of the Stock market in Bangladesh.
  • You will get to know Shariah Index in the stock market In Sha Allah

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Program Structure

  • 4 Classes
  • Each 1.5 Hours
  • Every Saturday


Mufti Abdullah Masum

CSAA (AAOIFI), Founder at IFAC;
Working group member-AGEB;

Member of AAOIFI Exam Review Committee under AEB

Mufti Yousuf Sultan

CSAA (AAOIFI), Co-Founder at IFAC;
Head of Shariah & Governance At ETHIS Group;

AAOIFI Master Trainer

Assessment Procedure

  1. Attendance: 08 marks for 04 Classes, Each Class contains 2 marks
  2. Assignment: 12 marks for Each Assignment, Each contains 3 marks
  3. Test:  80 Marks, 20 Questions. Each contains 4 marks
  4. Test Method MCQ, Provided through Google Form
  5. Pass Mark:  70 including Attendance & Assignment

If you have any inquiries about this course feel free and contact with us

Mawlana Fahim Faysal Al Masud

Course Coordinator

Mobile: 01638049129