Shariah Insights on Determining State Budget

Course Overview

  • The system of budgeting followed in the Islamic state is that a fair estimate of revenues from all the resources of the state is carefully prepared and then distributed for various categories of expenditures.
  • The Islamic system provides safeguards against the dangerous tendencies inherent in modern budgets such as heavy debts, inflation, and cyclic depressions and recessions.
  • Islamic Shariah has prescribed the items of expenditure in respect of certain categories of revenues. In the Islamic State, the revenue derived is either from Zakat and Sadaqah or from other sources like Jizyah, Kharaj, etc.

Course Objective

  • Most people don’t know about the concept of Islam & its guidance on sources of state income.
  • Apart from the religious point of view, these measures are very effective for welfare and a sustainable economy.
  • Provide an elaborated discussion on both theoretical and practical applications of Budget.
  • IFA Consultancy has taken this initiative to enlighten us on this important topic.

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Course Outcomes

  1. Details about the state economy of the golden age of Islam including the era of prophets.
  2. Clear idea about the current budget deficiencies, solutions, and the outline of the budget in the light of Islamic economics.
  3. Islam’s view on the introduction of the budget and the revenue and expenditure of the current budget
  4. Clear idea about the provisions of Zakat, Ushr, Kharaj, etc. as well as important instructions on whether the lands of Bangladesh are ushury/kharaj

Program Structure

  • 8 Classes
  • Each 1.5 Hours
  • Every Friday

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Assessment Procedure

  • Attendance: 12 marks for 8 Classes, Each Class contains 1.5 marks
  • Assignment: 1 mark for Each Assignment
  • Test: 80 Marks
  • Test Method: MCQ, Provided through Google Form
  • Pass Mark: 60 including Attendance & Assignment


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