Islamic Economics (Only for Women)

Course Overview

  • Islamic economics practice for women through women trainers
  • Your contribution opportunity in this great sector of Islam
  • What is the necessity of practicing Islamic economics for a woman?
  • Open Q&A session on related topics after each class

Course Objective

  • To be aware of the female side of society the basics of Islamic Economics
  • To facilitate the initial step toward this beneficial knowledge

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Course Outcomes

  • Gain a clear understanding of the basics of Islamic finance
  • Learn about the basic structure of the economy.

Program Structure

  • 6 Classes
  • Each 1.5 Hours
  • Every Saturday

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Assessment Procedure

  • Attendance: 12 marks for 6 Classes, Each Class contains 2 marks
  • Assignment: 1 mark for Each Assignment
  • Test: 80 Marks
  • Test Method: MCQ, Provided through Google Form
  • Pass Mark: 60 including Attendance & Assignment