Man is mortal and naturally, after death, they left behind Movable and immovable properties. These would be distributed among the inheritors. But we don’t have the proper knowledge of how to distribute this property and many of the people face injustice in this regard. That’s why it is a must for us to know the Islamic law of inheritance. This course on the law of Islamic inheritance, arranged by IFAC will enable one to calculate his/her own share of the property and to assist others with proper Islamic knowledge. 

Course at a glance: 

Course Duration: 2 months 

Number of classes: 6

Class duration: One and a half hour

Class time: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (Friday Only)

Who is this course for?

  • Will be helpful for the lessons of inheritance for madrasa students
  • Those who are involved in solving the fatwas in darul ifta department as 70% of the fatwas are based on inheritance.
  • Students of the first year of L.L.B 
  • Students who have completed L.L.B and L.L.M and want to select their career related to inheritance.
  • Interested students who are the heir of their ancestral property. 

What you will learn:

  • Introduction, necessity and importance of the study of Farayej
  • The principle of inheritance of other religion in contrast with Islam
  • Zabil Furuz and its practice
  • Introduction of relatives, distribution law and practice
  • Methodology of Miras distribution among Zabil Furuz and relatives
  • Introduction to Aul, calculation procedure and practice
  • Principle of Abolition, calculation procedure and practice
  • Introduction to Munasakha, calculation procedure and practice


  • Students will be provided with course materials based on authentic references from Quran, Sunnah, and other authoritative sources.
  • Providing elaborated discussion on both theoretical and practical applications of Islamic Inheritance Law.
  • Using PowerPoint Presentation slides for lectures. 
  • Providing carefully organized and printed Lecture Sheets for each class.
  • Open question-answer sessions.