Fiqh of RIBA


Course on RIBA is one of the essential courses that are offered from IFA Consultancy Ltd. RIBA or interest is evidently prohibited in ISLAM. But unfortunately, RIBA has become widespread in every sectors of our society. Moreover RIBA is now being presented in so many different forms that it is difficult to identify its presence. So, anyone who lacks proper Islamic knowledge can easily get trapped into this. That’s why it is undoubtedly necessary to be aware of RIBA with proper practical knowledge. To meet the crying need of this age and to preserve the faith, this course is arranged by IFA consultancy Ltd.


Course at a glance: 

Course Duration: One and a half month 

Number of classes: 7

Class duration: 1.5 hours

Class time: 6:15 PM -7:45 PM

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to get a clear concept about RIBA (interest)
  • Those who want to understand the concept of RIBA from Quran and Sunnah
  • Those who want to identify the different forms of RIBA present in modern transactions
  • Those who want to avoid Harams in overall financial activities
  • And who want to save themselves from the punishment and shame of RIBA in the day of judgment

What you will learn:

  • Why you have to learn about RIBA?
  • Severity of RIBA: From the Quran, Sunnah and Athar (Sayings, actions and consent of the Sahabah)
  • Why is RIBA prohibited in Islamic finance?
  • RIBA in conventional finance: Introduction and Significance
  • RIBA in Islamic Finance: Introduction and Significance
  • Dispelling confusions about RIBA 
  • RIBA in different religion and race
  • Prohibition of RIBA in Islam
  • Verses regarding RIBA: Brief tafseer and analysis
  • Riba Al-qard/ Loan based interest Introduction, Types and significance
  • Riba al-dayin/Sale based interest Introduction, Types and significance
  • Important Shariah concepts regarding General Banking 
  • Riba in Conventional Insurance system: Shariah analysis
  • Bai al ina buy back: Introduction and rulings
  • Tawarruq (Monetization) : Introduction and rulings
  • Bai bi wafa: Introduction, significance and rulings: Shariah analysis
  • Prevalent forms of Hila regarding RIBA 
  • QnA regarding RIBA
  • Evil shadows of RIBA in the society 
  • Is the society possible without RIBA?

Features of this course

  • Classes will be taken by CSAA by AAOIFI, Shariah Advisor certified by SC Malaysia and Islamic Scholars who are expert and experienced in Islamic Finance and Fiqhul Muamalat.
  • Providing primary and basic concepts of RIBA 
  • Presenting the practical forms of RIBA in conventional transactions in a simple and easy manner to laymen. 
  • Presenting every topics both in Islamic and Modern terminologies.
  • Blending realistic examples and applications with the theoretical knowledge.
  • Presenting Hidaya Babur Riba with contemporary and modern rulings.
  • Providing recorded videos of classes.
  • Providing lecture sheets and presentation slides.
  • Providing participants certificate.