Family Economics and conjugal life

Course at a Glance

Course Duration : 2 Months

Total Number of Classes : 6

Duration of Each Classes : 1.5 Hours

Class Time : 5:30 AM to 7:30 AM

Objectives of this Course

Conjugal life is a crucial chapter of human life. A successful and happy marriage can make one’s life heavenly whereas the quarrelsome married life full of turmoil can lead to hell like experience. However, most of us don’t have the proper Islamic knowledge regarding the conjugal life. But in islam, the principles, guidelines and necessary tips are prescribed to have a healthy marriage. To educate the people about the recommended ways that can lead to a long-lasting marriage and the family finances according to Islam, IFAC has arranged this two month long course.   

Who is this course for

– Those who want to know the prophetic way to live a happy married life.

– Those who want to know the rights of husband and wife according to islam

– Those who want to know the resolve the conflicts of married life in Islamic way.

– Those who want to know about the family finances.

Features of this course:

– Providing recorded videos of classes.

– Providing lecture sheets and presentation slides.

– Providing the participants certificate. 

Learning Outcome –

After completion of this course, In-Shaa-Allah, the students can:

  1. – The concept of marriage and its preparation according to Islam
  2. – Conjugal life after marriage according to Quran and Sunnah
  3. – Rights of husband and wife
  4. – Nafaka and principle of maintenance
  5. – Polygamy in Islam: Reality and Shariah
  6. – Marital strife: Causes and Remedy
  7. – Rights to give divorce and the proper way
  8. – Mistakes regarding the divorce
  9. – Principles of waiting period (iddah)
  10. Principles of parenting
  11. Necessity of Halal and haram in family life

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Mufti Ilias Hossain CSAA

Senior Trainer & Co-ordinator, CSAA & CIPA Training program, IFAC.