Darsu Fiqhil Buyu’

Course Overview

  • In our daily life, we ​​get involved in buying and selling and other transactions in various ways.
  • People are oppressed in the capitalist economy. so being exalted everywhere An anxious wait for the future.
  • We believe, in this case, the Islamic economy can be the best address desired by people.

Course Objective

  • To know Islamic economics and man-made economics comparative analysis
  • To create awareness about the practical aspects of running the economy in the Madrasah and to acquire the ability to find its alternative in the Islamic economy.

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Course Outcomes

  1. In the language of modern economics and business To understand the contents of Hedaya Kitabul Buyu.
  2. To gain knowledge about the practical aspects of conventional finance and the complications arising in its conversion to Islamic finance and its alternative management.
  3. Islamic consumer rights with conventional consumer rights laws About the comparative position of laws gain knowledge
  4. Gain ideas About the Fundamentals of Islamic Economics 

Program Structure

  • 12 Classes
  • Each 1.5 Hours
  • Every Friday

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Assessment Procedure

  • Attendance:  24 marks for 12 Classes, Each Class contains 2 marks
  • Assignment: 1 mark for Each Assignment
  • Test: 80 Marks
  • Test Method: MCQ, Provided through Google Form
  • Pass Mark: 60 including Attendance & Assignment

If you have any inquiries about this course feel free and contact with us

Mawlana Fahim Faysal Al Masud

Course Coordinator

Mobile: 01638049129

Mail: faysal@ifacbd.com