CSAA Training & Preparation Program

CTPP at a Glance

Course Duration : 4 Months

Total Number of Classes : 16

Duration of Each Classes : 1.5 Hours

Class Time : 5:30 AM to 7:30 AM


Objectives of this Course

CSAA fellowship program by AAOIFI can be a stairway to those who want to flourish their career in Islamic finance. Full form of CSAA is Certified Shari’a Advisor and Auditor. To get this certification any individual has to pass a three hour examination. Syllabus for this examination comprises the 48 Shariah standards and governance standard prepared by AAOIFI. It is difficult to get the preparation needed for this certification examination without any guideline. This simplified and informative preparation program, arranged by AAOIFI would be your perfect aid in the way to get the certification.

Who is this CSAA fellowship program for? –

  • Those who are interested in higher education in Islamic Finance –
  • Those who are working in or interested to get employed in Islamic Banks –
  • Those who want to get international certification in Islamic finance –
  • Students of higher grades in Qawmi and Alia Madrasa

Learning Outcome :

After completion of this course, In-Shaa-Allah, the students can:

1. Understand the necessity of keeping the economic activities clear and the importance of doing those according to the Shariah alongside performing Namaz (Salat) and Roja (Sawm).

2. Identify the most common sources of Haram income and understand the severity of negative sides of those income.

3. Identify the most common and the best Halal income sources.

4. Suggest people with alternatives to Haram income sources which are common in our society and help people (especially who are involved in Haram income activities) by guiding them towards earning in Halal ways.

5. Have a clear concept on “Riba” (Interest). 6. Basic principles of a rightful buy-sell agreement.

7. Shariah rulings for general banking.

8. Islamic banking framework

9. Shariah explanation of Islamic Insurance and Conventional insurance.

10.Shariah rulings regarding capital market and Sukuk,


  • AAOIFI Shari’ah Standards
  • Introduction to Islamic Finance by Mufti Taqi Usmani
  • Islamic Finance by Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani
  •  Al-Majalla Al Ahkam Al. Adaliyyah. (The Ottoman Courts Manual)
  • Al Fiqhul al-Islami wa-Adilatuhu (Transactions Chapter) by Dr. Wahbah Zuhayli
  • Resolutions of Renowned International Fiqh Academies such as: a. International Fiqh Academy, Jeddah b. International Fiqh Academy, Hind etc.
  •  Research Papers from International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA)
  • other Academic and Industry Literature Pertinent to the Course

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Mufti Ilias Hossain CSAA

Senior Trainer & Co-ordinator, CSAA & CIPA Training program, IFAC