Certificate Course on Islamic Financial Contract (CCIFC)

The core of Islami Finance and Economics lies on different contracts. From Islamic Banks to Islamic insurance (Takaful), Sukuk, e-commerce and other islamic FinTech everything is based on different Islamic Financial Contracts. These contracts have been in existance for hundrends of years. Some of them even came into practice since the time of our beloved Propher Muhammad (SA). Our Objective for CCIFC is to provide sahih and accurate knowledge about the principals and structure of different islamic financial contracts. As a result, participents will be able to obtain detail knowledge about those contracts and receive understanding about different Islamic financial instrument. Moreover, it will lay a solid fundamental basis for higher and professional studies relating to islami finance specefically AAOIFI professional qualification like CIPA, CSAA. This course will open the door of understading for the current practice of islamic bank, insurance, sukuk and their compliance with shariah and “Fikh Al Muamelat”. CCIFC is a very impotant pathway for one’s understanding of Riba. It will help us to distinguish the ongoing malpractices of islamic financial transections with the shariah rulling regarding those transections. In a nutshell CCIFC is the first and foremost step for your journey with islamic finance.


Trainers of CCIFC

IFAC have an excellent team of trainers, coordinators and researchers. We have some leading islamic finacial scholars from home and abroad. Our directors are internationally acclaimed in their respective fields and has been an honorable memebers in different workings group of Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Finacial Institute (AAOIFI) based on Bahrain. Our inhouse trainers have highest qualification from Kaumi Madrasa Education Board with an excellent academic result. They are also experienced in research of Islamic finacne and Fikh ul Muamelat. Most of them have obtained internationally acclaimed Professional qualifications like Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor (CSAA), Certified Islamic Finacial Executive (CIEF) form internation bodies such as AAOIFI, Ethica etc. The team is well aware about the shaia issues, updated Fatwas and recents cases and phenomenon from around the islamic world. They have indepth knowledge of Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, English and Bangla. This will enable them to provide the subject knowledge in such a way that participents can consume them on an efforless manner. They are also highly experience in lecturing, discussion, research and sonsultancy on similar discipline and will extracting issues from the source documents of Quraan and Sunnah on an easy and understadable manner. 

Salient Features of CCIFC

  • Students will be provided with course materials based on authentic references from Quran, Sunnah, and other authoritative sources such as Shari’ah standards in Islamic Finance from AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions).
  • Providing elaborated discussion on both theoretical and practical applications of Islamic finance.
  • Using PowerPoint Presentation slides for lectures. 
  • Providing carefully organized and printed Lecture Sheets for each and every classes.
  • Open question-answer sessions.
  • Networking with senior professionals working currently in Islamic Finance industry.

Learning Outcome

After completion of the first semester, In-Shaa-Allah, the students can:

  1. Have a basic concept on “Riba” (Interest).
  2. Basic principles of a rightful buy-sell agreement.
  3. Shariah rulings for Islamic contract.
  4. Framework of Islamic financial instrument in light of contract 
  5. Shariah explanation of Islamic financial contract.