Certificate course in Takaful (CCT)


Takaful industry is growing in numerous countries of the world and presently, the growth rate of Islamic insurance is 3.2% in the world. Total contribution of 353 Takaful company from 88 countries is 27.07 billion dollar as per the report of IFSB, 2020. However, there are a lacking of skilled workforces for this growing industry in our country. Scope of learning about Islamic insurance is also insufficient whereas a huge number of people is interested in availing insurance in a halal way. To fill the gap, IFAC has started this Certificate course in Takaful (CCT).

The course at a glance: 

  • Course Duration: One month 
  • Number of classes: 8
  • Class duration: 1.5 hours

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to learn the principles, structures, and documentation for Takaful

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What you will learn:

  • Overview of Takaful industry and importance of Takaful in the context of Bangladesh.
  • Introduction, history, business module, premium calculation methods of Conventional Insurance
  • Shariah analysis of conventional insurance (both life insurance and general insurance)
  • Introduction, market snapshot, structuring of Takaful, and comparison of Takaful with conventional insurance.
  • Different types of modules of Takaful
  • Module documentation of Takaful and case study
  • Structuring and module of Re-Takaful and analysis of conventional Islamic insurance
  • Role of Shariah Supervisory board
  • Review of AAOIFI Shariah standard

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Assessment Procedure

  • Attendance: 12 marks for 8 Classes, Each Class contains 1.5 marks
  • Assignment: 1 mark for Each Assignment
  • Test: 80 Marks
  • Test Method: MCQ, Provided through Google Form
  • Pass Mark: 60 including Attendance & Assignment

If you have any inquiries about this course feel free and contact with us

Mawlana Fahim Faysal Al Masud

Course Coordinator

Mobile: 01638049129

Mail: faysal@ifacbd.com